Smart apparel that delivers biomechanical insights for professional sports teams and athletes.

Pre-game Activation

Automatic detection, classification and analysis of exercises and routines.


How formsense PRO works.

A Wearable System 

Proprietary Dataset & Platform 

Data Driven Insights


Form is at the core of all athletic performance.

Understanding the biomechanics of athletes is critical for success. 


Creating insights from biomechanical data

has never been simpler.

Save Valuable


Collect and analyze data from multiple athletes at once with minimal setup time.

Evaluate Performance Anywhere

On the field, on the court or in the gym, you’re not tied to any one location or bulky equipment. 

Design Better


Make protocols more effective

by taking accurate readings

more frequently.


formsense PRO has been tested by and endorsed by some of the world’s best professional

athletes and athletic trainers.

Finally, I have an objective assessment tool that doesn’t impede on workflows or interrupt my athlete training schedules. I’ve spent years working with biomechanics labs looking for a solution that’s highly accurate, easy to use, and improves injury outcomes. With formsense, this has finally become a reality.


—  Director of Sports Physiology & Science,

Major League Soccer Team


formsense PRO is in private beta with several professional sport teams. Join our growing list of interested customers, supporters, and visionaries on our mission to improve player performance and potential.

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About Us

We are athletes, sport scientists, and technologists who set-out to crack the code of human form analysis. Our mission is to reduce preventable injuries and improve recovery outcomes for professional sports teams and athletes. 

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