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Our Team

Based in San Diego, CA with an office in Budapest, Hungary, and members working remotely from Los Angeles, New York City, and Dubai - the formsense team has never known what it's like to work in one place together.  And yet, this has not kept us from performing like a team, supporting each other, and creating a fast-moving, high-performing company ready to meet the needs of the world we live in today.  


Formsense is still a young and unique startup. After 4+ years of R&D and iteration, the company has finally managed to crack the problem of form analysis and do it in a manner that is frictionless, real-time, and visceral to the user. The bold decision to build sensors from the ground-up and integrate them onto garments that look and feel like normal activewear was a daunting task and without precedence. What Nathan and his team of 23 have managed to pull-off is a case study in the creation of hardware technology that is worth investing in - hardware, softgoods, and software that can together herald the beginning of a new kind of wearable platform.


From top left to bottom right:

Top row: Daniel Banyay, Vicki Reed, Timea Vastag, Jose Figueroa, Adam Riggs-Zeigen

2nd row: Kristof Gruber, Nora Toth, Nathan Ramasarma, Bence Borbely, Adam Varga

3rd row: Ferenc Plutzer, Mate Pavay, Joszef Petenyi, Titusz Kiss, Martin Weltler, Gaston MacMillian

4th row: Gergo Paroczi, Tamas Marton, Ali Hashemi

Nathan Ramasarma, Founder/CEO

Nathan Ramasarma is a technology industry veteran with over 18 years of startup, consumer product development, and wireless communications engineering expertise. His passion for wearable technologies coupled with his personal struggles with injuries and medieval rehab journeys motivated him to found formsense in 2015.


Prior to that, his diverse corporate career including a decade at semiconductor giant Qualcomm, Inc., allowed him to work with several wireless technologies, semiconductors, sensors, and wearable computing platforms to support diverse use cases, markets, and device categories. Over the course of his career, Nathan built a reputation for taking several proof-of-concept technologies through commercialization and profitability. His direct relationships with consumer brands, contract manufacturers, ecosystem partners, and technology vendors worldwide have helped him drive new product categories and services in established and emerging markets alike.


Nathan has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. and a B.S. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Madras University in India. Nathan and his family that includes his wife, also a tech industry veteran, and two boys aged three and ten have made San Diego their home since 2003.

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